Tong Zhou, principal investigator

My broad research background and training has been rooted in computational biology, with experience in genomics, genetics, biostatistics, molecular evolution, and medical informatics. Also, I have long standing interest in translational medicine. One of my current research goals is to develop appropriate computational tool to analyze the genomic and genetic data obtained from animal models or human patients to optimize the development of disease-specific biomarkers, aid medical decision-making, and supervise drug target identification and clinical validation.

Junchao Shi, PhD student

I'm majoring in biology and interested in mathematic modeling and bioinformatics. I obtained my Master's degree in developmental biology from Chinese Academy of Sciences, where I developed an interest in epigenetic inheritance and mammalian embryo development.

Emma Saulters, visiting student

I am an undergraduate student from Northern Ireland on an International Undergraduate Exchange Program at the University of Nevada for a year. I have just completed my second year of studying Biomedical Science as a student at Queen’s University Belfast. Through my studies I have developed a keen interest in mathematics and genetics.

Musheng Li, postdoctoral researcher
I got my PhD from Southeast University, China. My research interest is to explore the hidden role of small non-coding RNA's in various biological processes with my knowledge and expertise in computational biology and bioinformatics. 

Former lab members

Emily Fox, graduate student
I am interested in using bioinformatic and biostatistical methods to develop new and more accurate methods of analyzing and identifying DNA sequences and short tandem repeat (STR) profiles.